Saturday, October 15, 2011

For Those Who "Ain't" Afraid of No Ghosts

 For those who don't mind a ghost or two, book a room at Whisper Estates in Mitchell, Indiana. Built in the early 1890s, the Victorian-style mansion has more than one ghost including Rachel and Elizabeth Gibbons, two young girls who died in the house, as well as their mother Jessie, more than a century ago. Their father,  John Gibbons was a physician so that might explain what ghost detectors say is a huge grave pit in the backyard filled with limbs and other body parts (remember that old saying about doctors burying their mistakes) as well as four other graves.

But if that isn't enough for spook lovers, there’s reportedly a portal/vortex which runs up through the house from the front parlor into the 3rd floor room/attic. This room is described as the heart of the house and guests brave enough to sleep there report horrible nightmares and sometimes hear something trying to get in the room via the door.

Visitors also report sighting a shadow, which is now called ‘Big Black’, an entity which psychics says is not of this world.  But hey, don’t let a “Big Black” or a pit-grave ruin your fun…check in and see what happens. 

Available for persons/paranormal groups for investigation. For more info, visit or call 317.863.0874

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