Friday, February 17, 2012

Squire Boone Gets a New Headstone

Everyone knows his brother Daniel, but it was Squire who saved Daniel’s life in Kentucky and Squire who established residency beside a large cavern in the hills of Southern Indiana near the Ohio River. 

Squire was so impressed with the beauty of the cave and its waterfalls and the fact that it gave him a hiding place when he was being pursued that he asked to be buried in the cave and so he was.

For the next several weeks be sure to check out Squire Boone Caverns Facebook page for great underground photos as they put in place Squire’s new memorial stone. The original, made of marble, was so brittle that it cracked in the damp cave environment over the years.

The new much harder granite memorial should endure for years. It will be placed where the old monument presided, right next to the coffin containing the Squire’s bones.


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