Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Indiana Space Complex

As only one of two counties in the United States boasting three heroic space explorers, Lawrence County is the perfect setting for the new  Indiana Space Complex (ISC), a multi-faceted facility created to honor all the men and women who have been a part of the U. S. Space Program and to provide space themed educational opportunities for all age groups.  

The venue,once it is complete, will be unique and world class, designed to accentuate the region’s strong space related heritage, assist at strengthening statewide tourism, encourage new local economic growth, and aid with the regional learning experience. 

To accomplish this bold goal the project will be multifaceted, made up of four major components: museum, education center, theater, and park.  We welcome and encourage your joining our effort.

Two of the three United States astronauts from Lawrence County -- Kenneth D. Bowersox and Charles D. Walker -- both hail from Bedford. Mitchell is the hometown of Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom, the second man in space, who died on January 27, 1967 aboard Apollo I, when a flash fire broke out in the command module on the launch pad. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery and is considered the city of Mitchell's hometown hero. 

In Grissom’s honor, a 44-foot, 28-ton limestone statue of the Redstone Rocket with the Liberty Bell 7 capsule stands on the lawn of Mitchell's City Hall. The monument is on the site once occupied by the South Side School, Grissom's elementary school. Bricks from the school were used for the wall surrounding the monument.

409 S. 6th St. in Downtown Mitchell on the west side of South 6th Street between College Avenue and Grissom Avenue.
For more on the ISC,visit their Website.

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